Welcome to 人力资源!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of 人力资源 is to provide quality services and programs, as well as knowledgeable guidance and assistance, to all members of the campus community. We develop and communicate sound policies and procedures that balance the needs of employees and the needs of the university while ensuring compliance with federal and state law in our administration of benefits, 补偿, employee relations, recruiting and selection, performance management, training and development, and human resources planning.
As we strive to support the University’s goals and objectives, we are committed to excellence in building and maintaining effective campus and community partnerships while promoting an environment in which individual differences are embraced, diversity is valued and encouraged, and people are recognized as our most important resource.

Functional Areas

好处 Accident Insurance, Cancer/Intensive Care Insurance, 眼镜蛇, Dental Insurance, 健康保险, Hospitalization Insurance, Leave Submission/Tracking, 人寿保险, Long-Term Care Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance, 退休(TRS), RSA-1, Short-Term Disability, Supplemental 好处, Teachers' REtirement System, 美国教师退休基金会, Tuition Remission, 视觉保险, NOVATime (adding/terminating employees within system; working with supervisors and payroll on time keeping/time card issues) 贝基价格
ADJUNCT/CLINICAL ASSISTANT & SUPERVISOR EMPLOYMENT New Adjunct Set-Up/Hiring, New Clinical Assistant/Supervisor Set-Up/Hiring, Lab Instructor Hiring, Accompanist Hiring, Adjunct/Clinical Assistant/Supervisor EPAFs, e - verify系统 安迪安德伍德
REGULAR STAFF/FACULTY EMPLOYMENT Online 就业 System; New Postings, Adjunct Postings/Pools, Job Descriptions, 搜索协议, 广告, Interview Requests/Approvals, Hiring Proposals, Promotional Opportunities, Background Checks, Departmental Faculty/Staff Position Budgets Kari-Kay Cassady
CLASSIFICATION/COMPENSATION New Position Grading, Reclassification of Existing Positions, Staff Salary Plan, Market Data Research 凯瑟琳白
Kari-Kay Cassady
EMPLOYEE RELATIONS Advice and Assistance Regarding: Performance, Attendance, Personal Conflicts, Workplace Issues 凯瑟琳白
HR WEBSITE CONTENT Website, University Organization Charts Kari-Kay Cassady
HR ELECTRONIC FORMS/DIRECTORY Electronic Forms Online, 目录 更新 安迪安德伍德
报告 人力资源状态, 联邦, and General Campus Reporting including bi-weekly, 每月, 季度, and annual reporting, as well as daily on-demand report requests Kari-Kay Cassady
EPAFS/SELF-SERVICE BANNER Electronic Personnel Action Forms; Self-Service 横幅; 横幅 HR Access 丽莎•罗杰斯
克里斯·班纳 New Employee Set-Up, New Position Set-up, Electronic Personnel Action Forms, Assignment/Payment Entry, Payroll Reconciliation


PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS Performance Evaluation Annual Process Management; ReviewSnap Questions/Assistance 安迪安德伍德
POLICY ADMINISTRATION Research for Creation of New 政策, Existing 政策/Practices 更新 and Revisions, 手册s 凯瑟琳白
Kari-Kay Cassady
STUDENT EMPLOYMENT 新员工, Supervisor Training, 提供的信, Performance Evaluations, Progressive Discipline, 临时员工, Timesheet Information, Student EPAF Processing 斯蒂芬妮•史密斯
PART-TIME/TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT Temporary Staff 就业, Temporary Staff Background Checks, Temporary Staff e - verify系统 斯蒂芬妮•史密斯
TRAINING INITIATIVES Workplace Matters Training (Harassment), Diversity Training 凯瑟琳白
If you have any questions and/or suggestions regarding this site, please feel free to contact our office at 256-765-4291 or by email at humanresources@ariassouline.com.